An Eye Full of New Year’s Resolutions

Beth Bigger2013! It is a New Year filled with the future for all of us here in the Triangle and North Carolina.  Have you kept that New Year’s resolution you announced to everyone at midnight on January 1st? Or has it been made ancient history already? It is a fact that nearly 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but according to Statistic Brain, only about 8 percent of them are successful.

As you make plans to lose weight, learn a new language or manage your debt, you might need a little more motivation.

Here are three common resolutions with excellent bonus benefits: they’re good for your eyes:

  • Quit the cigarette habit: You’ve all heard the typical reasons for quitting smoking: the health of your lungs, the risk of cancer, and chance of emphysema. But we will give you one more very good reason to kick those butts forever, smoking is just plain bad for your eyes. More and more studies show that smokers have an increased risk for eye disorders. And it’s not just for your eyes only; friends and family who frequently are exposed to tobacco smoke are also at risk.
  • Lose weight and eat better: Losing weight is usually the number one New Year’s resolution each and every year here in the Triangle. We all know that keeping trim and staying in shape are good for our hearts and bodies, but it’s also good for our eyes. People who are obese are at a higher risk for diabetes, which can cause serious eye problems. Eating healthier is also good for our eyes, giving us boosts of vitamins and minerals that prevent many eye disorders, such as cataracts and macular degeneration:
  • Limit alcohol intake: Although light alcohol consumption typically doesn’t cause major health problems, excessive use can harm your body, including your eyes. Heavy drinkers can suffer from an array of eye problems, including blurry or double vision, decreased peripheral vision, decreased contrast sensitivity and frequent migraines. And it also leads to eye redness, which isn’t cosmetically appealing.

Sight is the human sense that people fear losing most. Come mid-January when you’re losing your resolve, remember, you’re not just doing it for you: you’re doing it for your eyes. Stay healthy and your eyes will see the benefits. And so will you. Good luck!

Schedule your eye exam every year at this time and make it a yearly resolution!


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