8 Myths & Truths about Contact Lenses

marin fdpMany people in Raleigh and Durham prefer to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Meanwhile, many others come into our Park Ophthalmology locations and want to wear contacts but just aren’t sure they can, or aren’t sure of the cost.

There are many myths and truths about this popular method of vision correction, so let’s clear the picture a bit and discuss eight of them:

  • Myth: Contacts can pop out of the eye at any time.
    Truth: Very rarely happens; hard contacts used to do this sometimes, but these days, that does not happen.
  • Myth: Contacts can get lost behind the eye.
    Truth: A thin membrane covers your eye; it connects to the inside of your eyelids so they will not “swim” to the back of the eye.
  • Myth: Contacts are only for young people or those without an astigmatism.
    Truth: Those individuals with an astigmatism or bifocals can still wear contact lenses. Come in for a complete eye exam
    to find out whether contact lenses are right for you.
  • Myth: Contacts are uncomfortable.
    Truth: Most people don’t even notice they are wearing contact lenses. Any discomfort should be reported to the doctors at Park Ophthalmology so we can determine the cause.
  • Myth: Contacts are a lot of work.
    Truth: These days, contacts simply need to be put into solution each night for cleaning and disinfecting. Some people opt to wear “dailies”, which are thrown away each night.
  • Myth: Contacts can cause eye problems.
    Truth: Triangle residents who take care of their contacts rarely have any eye problems. Eye infections are usually the result of poor cleaning practices; the contact lens itself does not cause infection.
  • Myth: Putting in contacts is difficult.
    Truth: Those attempting to put in contacts for the first time may find it challenging, but the staff at Park Ophthalmology are happy to demonstrate techniques to pop the contacts right in without trouble. With practice, putting contacts in will seem as easy as putting glasses on.
  • Myth: Contacts are expensive.
    Truth: Many people find that a one-year supply of contacts is less expensive than a pair of glasses. Price varies greatly depending on the type of correction and insurance. Beth R. Friedland M.D. and the team at Park Ophthalmology can answer any questions about price.

Ready for contacts but have more questions? Contact us to learn more about correcting vision with contact lenses.


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