6 Important Tips for Eyeglass Care from Park Ophthalmology

Triangle residents who rely on eyeglasses for daily tasks wouldn’t dream of leaving home without their eyewear. After a complete eye exam, a new pair of glasses prescribed by Park Ophthalmology will bring everything into clearer focus. Daily care of those glasses ensures that patients enjoy sharp vision until time for a new prescription. Dr. Beth R. Friedland shares six important tips that keep glasses sparkling and free from damage. It is important to note that lenses should be washed daily to keep them free of dirt and oils.

Beth R. Friedland MD offers the following six practices that can extend eyewear life:   

  • Rinse: Glasses should always be rinsed with plain water before they are washed or wiped. Tiny specks of dust that settle on the lenses will scratch the surface if not first rinsed off.
  • Proper cleaner: Although they are made to clean glass, window cleaning solutions such as Windex can harm the protective coating on lenses. Use a drop of dish soap or a solution made exclusively for eyeglasses.
  • Air dry or use cotton cloth: Air drying is preferred, but a 100 % soft cotton cloth can be used to dry lenses. Any kind of tissue, paper towel or fabric that isn’t all cotton can scratch the lens surface.
  • Use the case: A hard-sided case is the best protection for storing glasses. It’s tempting to drop them into a shirt pocket or a purse, but this greatly increases the risk of scratches and even breakage.
  • Keep glasses face up: When placing glasses on a surface, such as a desk or table, rest them with the lenses up and the folded frame underneath. This protects the lenses from damage and dirt on the hard surface.
  • Protect the frames: Frames need to keep their alignment or lenses may not sit properly in front of the eyes. Propping glasses on the head can throw frames out of alignment. Using two hands to put on and take off glasses helps keep frames aligned.

Even with the best daily care, glasses cannot do their job if vision has changed. If it’s been a while since the last exam, contact Park Ophthalmology today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Friedland will get you seeing clearly again.


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