5 Tips to Help Triangle Patients Effectively Use Eye Drops

In many cases, certain eye conditions require our Park Ophthalmology patients to use eye drops for a period of time. Dry, itchy or irritated eyes can also be relieved by the use of drops that Dr. Beth R. Friedland prescribes or recommends. For example, eye infections often require treatment with medicated drops prescribed by Beth R. Friedland MD of Park Ophthalmology.

The Doctor understands that people are uncomfortable with using eye drops, and sometimes it is hard to tell whether the drops have been administered the effective way. Dr. Friedland and her professional staff can always demonstrate the best way for patients to use drops safely and effectively if needed.

Park Ophthalmology offers five simple suggestions make eye drops easier and more effective to use:

  • Keep everything clean: Always wash hands before using eye drops and make sure the tip of the bottle doesn’t touch the eye, the eyelids or anything else. This precaution protects the bottle and its contents from contamination.
  • Pull down lower eyelid: Use the index finger on one hand to pull down the lower eyelid so it creates a cupped area for the eye drop. Steady the hand with the dropper on the hand pulling down the eyelid, tilt head back and gently squeeze dropper until one drop falls into the eyelid “cup.” This is easier than trying to drop the liquid right onto the eye itself.
  • Rest the eyes: Close the eye to allow liquid to bathe the affected eye. If a second drop is prescribed, wait a few minutes to make sure it doesn’t wash away the first drop.
  • Refrigerate the eye drops: It sounds like a strange suggestion, but when the drops are cool, it’s easier to know that they’ve actually made it into the eye.
  • Ask for guidance: Triangle area patients can always ask a family member to help them. Once they get comfortable with the sensation of drops going into the eye, patients will usually find it easier to take over the task themselves.

It’s always best to check with Dr. Friedland before using any over-the-counter eye drops. If patients are  experiencing red, irritated eyes or think there is the chance of an eye infection, don’t delay treatment. Call Park Ophthalmology immediately to schedule an exam.

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This article about the vision care is brought to you by the professional team at Park Ophthalmology located in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.

The information contained in this blog article is intended solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be offered as medical advice. Always consult a doctor.


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