5 Solutions for Dry Eyes and Gaming

david castello dominici KidEvery single person in the Triangle, no matter the age, blinks about every 12 seconds. Each time someone blinks, it coats the eye with tears. But for Raleigh and Durham residents spending hours and hours in front of the computer or TV playing video games, that 12 seconds can last as long as two minutes. Recent studies suggest some gamers only blink once or twice every three minutes. Over time, this can cause the eyes to dry out and dehydrate.

Those with dry eye conditions will notice a stinging or burning sensation, mucus, eye fatigue, and sensitivity to light, redness, blurred vision and trouble wearing contacts.

While dry eyes don’t usually cause serious problems, there are some very serious possible complications: 

  • Eye infections — Tears protect the surface of the eye from infection. If eyes don’t have adequate tears, there is an increased risk of eye infection.
  • Eye scarring — if left untreated, severe dry eyes can lead to eye inflammation and scarring on the surface of the corneas, which can lead to chronic vision problems.
  • Daily irritation — Continuous dry eyes can make it difficult to perform everyday activities and can be a constant irritant. 

Gamers or people who sit looking at a computer screen for long periods of time should be conscious of these possible problems and try these five solutions:

  • Take breaks. To keep eyes healthy, gamers should stop every 40-60 minutes. A break means getting up, walking around and looking at objects at far distances to give the eyes a break.
  • Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated.
  • Mini-breaks. Rest the eyes every 20 minutes by glancing away from the screen at something farther away, outside the window or across the room.                 
  • Eye drop work. Gamers who feel dry eye can use approved artificial tears to help moisten eyes.
  • Wink Glasses are new technology. This new product is a set of glasses with tiny sensors to monitor blink activity. If a user doesn’t blink for more than five seconds, the lenses become opaque. The wearer has to blink to make the lenses defrost. The glasses are very expensive at $430 a pair, so our Park Ophthalmology advice is to come in for regular eye exams; call us if you have dry eye issues, and learn to blink more often.

Is dry eye a problem? Dr. Beth Friedland can help.

See your Park Ophthalmologist if you’ve had prolonged signs and symptoms of dry eyes, because it might be a symptom of a greater problem.


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