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Park 03-07-16 Ambro ID-10044387Just like a camera, the human eye has a lens that directs light to the retina, providing clear images to the brain. Unfortunately, cataracts can often cloud the lens, and slowly diminish vision. More than 20 million people in the United States have cataract issues, and of those individuals, three million undergo cataract surgery each year. When Dr. Beth R. Friedland performs this surgery, she provides the patient with a new clear artificial lens. In this article, Park Ophthalmology shares some important information about cataract surgery.

Five facts to know before deciding on cataract surgery:

  • Testing: Beth R. Friedland MD will measure the length of the patient’s eye as well as the curve of the cornea. These numbers help the doctor determine the best artificial lens for each patient. She also needs to know whether a patient has had previous vision correction surgery, such as LASIK.
  • Lens removal and replacement: During cataract surgery, the doctor inserts a small instrument into the eye that uses ultrasound to break up the clouded natural lens; which is then suctioned out. Dr. Friedland then implants the new intraocular lens (IOL) either behind or in front of the iris.
  • Effects on vision: Natural lenses have the ability to change shape, allowing humans to change their focus and see objects clearly at different distances. Intraocular lens cannot change shape so are therefore limited in their focal range. Dr. Friedland and her patient will decide on the correct focusing power of the artificial lens. Glasses may still be needed to see clearly at other distances.
  • Steps to recovery: Key elements for successful recovery include using eye drops exactly as prescribed, wearing the eye shield while sleeping, refraining from rubbing the eye, and using wraparound sunglasses in bright light.
  • Complications: Cataract surgery has a nearly 100 percent success rate, although as with all surgery, complications are always possible. These include infection, bleeding, and swelling of the cornea, retinal detachment and damage to the pupil. Dr. Friedland will discuss possible complications with each patient before surgery.

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