4 Reasons People Avoid Regular Eye Exams

park 03-21-16 ID 100154783Spring has arrived and Triangle area residents have begun the seasonal tasks of planning vegetable gardens and planting colorful flowers for summer blooms. If it’s getting more difficult to read the small print on the seed packets, it might be time to schedule an annual eye exam with Park Ophthalmology. To maintain optimal eye health, Dr. Beth R. Friedland recommends that patients get an eye examination once a year at Park Ophthalmology. These annual exams give Dr. Friedland a chance to note any changes to eye health and begin effective treatment as soon as possible.

Four common excuses for delaying and putting off a visit to Park  Ophthalmology:

  • Everything seems fine:Vision changes often take place so gradually that a person doesn’t notice anything is ever wrong. With a complete annual exam, Dr. Friedland will detect any changes and then provide treatment or corrective lenses to get patients seeing clearly again. Patients can waste valuable treatment time by delaying their exam.
  • False assumptions: Growing older often includes vision changes. Patients may assume that their problems are due solely to advancing age, but often there are other medical conditions at work. Early treatment helps maintain the best vision at every age.
  • Exam discomfort: Some patients may be uncomfortable when their eyes are dilated, with the bright light needed during the exam, or with the air puff test that checks eye pressures. However, these are crucial exam techniques that provide a wealth of information about eye health. The slight discomfort during the exam is more than offset by the benefits of receiving a complete eye health check-up.
  • Costs of exam: Some insurance plans do not cover vision care costs and patients may put off appointments out of financial concerns. However, earlier diagnosis and treatment of eye health problems can prevent more costly treatment later. Anyone concerned about cost is welcome to call Park Ophthalmology in advance to discuss billing and payment options.

Call Park Ophthalmology and Beth R. Friedland M.D. today if it is time for an annual eye exam. Our friendly and helpful staff will gladly discuss any concerns about exam procedures and costs.


Park Ophthalmology welcomes patients from all areas of the Triangle and offers a wide variety of specialized services including surgery for diseases of the eye, vision examinations, eye safety information, sports medicine protective eyewear and counseling, contact lenses and evaluation, and all types of ocular diagnosis and treatment. Many types of surgery are available, including cataract and laser surgery. We are here for you and your eye and overall health. Give us a call today!

This article about the vision care is brought to you by the professional team at Park Ophthalmology located in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.

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The information contained in this blog article is intended solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be offered as medical advice. Please consult a physician with questions.


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