4 Facts that Sleep Keeps the Eyes Healthy

park 11-02-15 Marin ID 100111960As the holiday season fast approaches, Triangle area residents find their calendars filling up with parties, dinners, shopping, and other fun seasonal entertainment. With this flurry of activity, Raleigh and Durham families can be tempted to short-change themselves on rest and sleep. It is important to note that Park Ophthalmology urges its clients to put regular sleep at the top of their good habit list in order to maintain eye health through the busy holidays. There are telltale signs that alert Dr. Beth R. Friedland when a patient has been missing sleep.

Here are four facts about lack of sleep and eyes:

  • Dark circles: There are several reasons some people have dark circles under their eyes, including allergies, genetics, and aging. Lack of sleep can also contribute. When a person struggles to stay awake, the body produces more cortisol, a chemical that increases blood flow. Because skin below the human eye is thin, the increased blood flow makes the vessels more prominent, creating the dark appearance.
  • Eye spasms: It’s annoying and troubling when one eyelid begins twitching. Called eyelid myokmia, the condition seldom needs treatment and is generally the result of fatigue. This is another reason to make sure sleep stays on the calendar along with all those holiday parties.
  • Dry eye: As with dark circles, there can be many reasons for dry eyes, but lack of sleep is big cause. Eyes need lubrication from the tear ducts in order to properly function. Those individuals with dry eye experience blurred vision, light sensitivity, itching, redness and pain. Eight hours of sleep can be an effective remedy.
  • Popped blood vessels: Eye strain, which often goes hand-in-hand with lack of sleep, can cause popped blood vessels in the eyes, making them appear red and irritated. Eyes need at least five hours of rest daily to replenish nutrients and keep healthy.

From dark circles, to red, irritated eyes, sleep can be a simple recipe for relief. If you are concerned about any of the issues mentioned above, please contract Park Ophthalmology to make an appointment with Dr. Beth R. Friedland.


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