5 Summer Tips to Remember When Choosing Sunglasses

Summer is right around the corner; Triangle residents are spending more time gardening, grilling, at the beach and other outdoor activities. With all that wonderful time out in the sunshine, it’s more important than ever to protect the eyes from sun damage. Long hours in the sun can often contribute to cataracts and cancer of the eye. Raleigh and Durham based Ophthalmologist Beth R. Friedland MD wants her patients to know that protecting their eyes doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and begins with choosing the right pair of sunglasses.  Park Ophthalmology has compiled a short list of things to look for in eye protection.

Keep these five summer tips in mind when shopping for new sunglasses:

  • UV sticker: The most important job of sunglasses is blocking the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, sunglasses should be labeled with a tag or sticker that says “UV400” or “100% UV protection.”
  • Bigger is better: Wraparound sunglasses or those with over-sized lenses provide the most protection. Smaller lenses allow damaging light to enter from the sides.
  • Color: It’s easy to assume that darker lenses are better, but color and tint make no difference in UV protection. Athletes find that certain colors (amber, gray and green) provide more contrast and are useful when playing sports.
  • Polarization: Polarized lenses have a filter that reduces glare from reflective surfaces, making it easier to see while driving, boating or enjoying snow sports. However, polarization alone does not protect eyes from UV rays.
  • Cost: Price is not always an indication of quality when buying sunglasses. Lower cost options can work as well as designer-name styles if they provide 100 percent UV protection.

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This article about the sunglasses and eye safety is brought to you by the professional team at Park Ophthalmology located in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.


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